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BUILDINGS—Solutions for property owners,
managers and residents.

Einstein's Design is the smart home experience designed specifically for Multi Dwelling Buildings. By partnering directly with property developers, managers and ownership groups, we assist in defining what smart home experience you desire for your community, portfolio… and your residents!

Simple home automation for MDUs

We do the work

We swap out switches, thermostats and locks, pair them with our hub and provide powerful web and mobile software. Residents get to live in the future, managers convert legwork into click work and owners capture strong returns. Einstein's Design is the best and only smart home platform purpose built for the multifamily industry.

Einstein's DESIGN

Smart Home Design for Apartments and Condos

You Manage Operations

Secure, cloud-based access control gives unique, temporary door codes to staff, contractors or visitors as needed, getting units ready to lease faster. Never worry about which lights were left on by a leasing agent. Or, did the painter remember to turn off the AC in that vacant unit? With Einstein's Design those worries are gone. Control your entire building with a single click.

Give your residents access to their home from anywhere Let your residents know they can let a friend in when they’re on vacation. Or turn on the AC without getting up from the couch. Or turn a light on before they get home. Einstein's Design is the home that takes care of you, not the other way around. Whether you’re interested in Einstein's Design for a new construction or retrofit project, we have you covered. We interface with project stake holders to make sure budgeting, device procurement and installation match your timelines and then take care of on boarding and on‐site training so you recognize value, FAST. And once everything is up and running we provide Einstein's Design Care, which means we handle questions, not your management staff.

Why? Added Value!

• Rental Premium
• Marketing Differentiation
• Curb concessions
• Energy Savings
• Manage Empty Units
• Future Proofing
• Lease Retention
• Additional Monitoring
eg Water / Intrusion

Einstein's Design
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